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Refugees might seem like all the rage, but few people even know that there is a North Korean refugee crisis. I mean, it's understandable – the headlines that pour out of North Korea usually eclipse the fact that a couple thousand North Koreans escape every year. We needed a new way in that was just as outrageous as the usual stuff out of North Korea. 

So, we launched a recruitment campaign for the glorious leader – a way to fill the thousands of vacancies left behind by the defectors. 


Job postings went live across major job search sites advertising a unique opportunity.

The jobs were posted by the glorious leader himself. 


Eventually, LinkedIn shut us down. So, we took to Twitter. 

Every application redirected to a landing page for Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a non-profit aimed at helping North Koreans escape.
They made a bunch of money, and we spent nothing. It was a good time for everyone.


At Part Time Lab (a real fake agency)
With Sheldon Cheon and Tomic Lee

Cannes Lions 2017: Shortlist

One Show 2017: Shortlist



Lego is one of the few brands that can galvanize children to do good. I mean, an army of children isn't necessarily the answer to every global problem. But, behavioral change – change that'll stay with these children as they become functioning members of society – might be. 


At Art Center College of Design
With Esteban Cardona and Benson Rong

One Show 2016: Gold

Cannes Future Lions 2016: Shortlist



Selfies: the boon of all millennials and the plague of all those too old to duck face. The selfie has been divisive far too long.

Amnesty International launches Donate Your Face, an initiative to put selfies to work. Amnesty takes selfies, prints them onto masks, and gives them to activists. Millennials get a way to take part, and activists get a way to stay safe. 


At Art Center College of Design
With Laura Proenza and Michael Chesler

D&AD New Blood: Pencil
D&AD: In Book



In 2015, I scored a merit in my first One Show. I was hyped. Really hyped. I had visions of walking across a stage of solid gold and shaking hands with Dan Wieden as he whispered, "It was you all along."

And then, I got the news: 


I cried. I sulked. I moved on. And, the night before the ceremony in a dingy dive bar, an idea was born.